The Orchard Street Social Club™ was designed to bring people together to share in the love and embrace of the cannabis culture.

Our gatherings focus on networking and supporting creatives through the inspiration brought out by cannabis. We convene at various choice locations throughout New York City spotlighting various individuals, and groups alike, exploring not only how cannabis has influenced their craft, but also how cannabis can benefit in everyday life.

Cannabis is an amazing plant and works in wondrous ways. The Orchard Street Social Club™ was created to express the love of cannabis and to share such experiences in a safe-social setting.

We invite you to join us on,

Tuesday April 20th, 2021


Photo Exhibition: Janette Beckman
There isn’t a piece of Hip-Hop history that Janette Beckman hasn’t touched with her camera. More than a photographer, Beckman captures moments; her use of light and found art is legendary and rarely does anyone bring grittiness to still pictures the way she does.

Artist Exhibition: DOVES TC5
Doves is an artist from NYC, famed for illustrating different urban styles. His work is characterized by various aspects of 80’s & 90’s pop culture such as cinema, poster and cover art, creatures, cartoons, blended with his own perspective and signature style.

For everyone’s safety, guests must go through our pre-screen process and be confirmed to be 21+ via our secure web portal no later than a week prior to the event. This is mandatory. If you can’t trust us, then we can’t trust you. 

Upon approval guests will be notified with the address of the location 24 hours prior to the event. There will be NO ADMITTANCE to any persons not confirmed on our guest list, NO EXCEPTIONS. Temperature checks will be practiced upon arrival.