Option A® X Bluster

James Alicea was born and raised in the Lower East Side of NYC in 1970. It was through the blending of music, letterforms, and visuals from such shows as Sesame Street and Electric Company that would become his foundation in his life long art making experience. Later in 1982, with an innate attraction to mark making and the steady rise of graffiti movement, James took on the tag, Bluster One. It was in 1987 at the High School of Art & Design where he co-founded, what was later to be defined as one of the most influential street wear brands, PNB Nation. In his latest endeavor, he decided to encapsulate his drawings, paintings, writings and other personal creative collateral under one umbrella, and christening the project by the two words people have best described his work; Good Strange.

Why Orange?

In 1984 James had the pleasure in befriending one of his major influences, Keith Haring. 35 years later his current color palette mirrors that of Haring’s; black on day-glo orange. It is bold, it is bright, it is powerful, it works!

Exclusive Merch

We’ve created a special merch drop to be released in May, 2020. We collaborated in producing a, limited run per style that will be sold, exclusively in-store and online.