Option A® x Jeff Cinco

The son of an artist Cinco has always been passionate about creating since day one. A Staten Island born graffiti writing, skateboarder turned Brooklyn graphic designer, Cinco spent prominent years in St. Petersburg, FL and it’s surrounding cities building his chops amongst his community and friends. As a Simpsons fan from birth, his art is full of your favorite 90s pop culture references.

A hardcore anime nerd, Cinco loves watching shows in the living room surrounded by the toys and figures that inspire his work. Having to read comic books and watch cartoons for a living is a dream come true as he designs the next lapel pin, t-shirt and even toys for your home collections. “I came back to New York to be around others that will inspire me to bring my A-Game and it’s worked.”

Find his art over at @jeffcinco on Instagram. the #brownBartholomew
Music under ROLLIN BONEZ over on Spotify.