Option A® x Nicer

Original works based on images reflecting Nicer’s personal experiences in The South Bronx. “My Old NY” is testament of all those who share personal experiences with the images, making their days in the rubbles of a ghetto, into jungle gyms, water parks and playgrounds.


As a teenager in the 1980’s he was introduced to the art form called “Writing”. It was an underground community of adventurous youths. They would set out in the cover of darkness to make their mark on the NYC subway system, on a quest for recognition and fame. It wasn’t until the mid 1980’s that mainstream media would label the art form “GRAFFITI”. As graffiti evolved, revolutionizing in brilliant colors and unique styles, it would no longer be seen with obscurity, grimace, or as vandalism and the art world now reverse as it’s beauty and history.

“My Old NY” takes place during the 1970’s and early 1980’s; where innocence and imagination would transform a child into a brilliant and imagination would transform a child into a brilliant artist. His perception of abandoned and buildings and empty lots in The South Bronx as playgrounds, were not uncommon to any adolescent native of the boogie down. Burned our cars became coveted hide outs during manhunt marathons, abandoned buildings became jungle gyms, and fire hydrants were water parks.